Avoiding the “Bonk” – Glycogen Depletion in Marathon Training


I have to be honest with you.  I have never "bonked."  I've read about it, heard people describe it, and believe me I've felt all kinds of ridiculous pain around mile 20 of a marathon, but, I've never bonked or "hit the wall."  While I can't say for certain why I've avoided it, I do think my fasted morning runs haven't hurt the issue.   I have almost always run fasted in the early morning because ... [ Read More ]

WIAW: Lots of Paleo Meals and What I’m Craving Lately


I've talked about my thoughts on variety before. I tend to eat a lot of the same things for breakfast, lunch and snacks and dinners repeat pretty often too. BUT the funny thing is that slowly, the meals change and looking back a few months ago I was eating different things, well, sort of. Today's WIAW won't be "a day in the life of" but rather a bunch of meals I've eaten recently and a few of the ... [ Read More ]

Jogging Stroller Memories and Ghost Pain


This morning I could not bare the thought of doing my usual nothing-special-easy-6-mile-run-route so I decided to reluctantly slap on my garmin and run a new route.   On my way back I found myself running on a sidewalk that I hadn't run on since my days of the double.  Double jogging stroller that is.   When we moved to our current house almost 5 years ago, my two girls were 2 and 7 months and I ... [ Read More ]

The Long Runs Really Are My Favorite Because of This

The crew in chaos and glory doing magic tricks.

Saturday was just 'bout perfect as far as days go for me.   It started with a 12 mile run.  Now as I've said I don't wake up raring to go run 12 miles and it usually takes me a few miles to really buy the whole long run thing no matter how many times I've done them.  No matter how many great memories I have from my various long runs I'm never truly excited to start one.  Because you just don't ... [ Read More ]

Italian Style Meatballs Over Garlic-Onion Sweet Potato Noodles


  Meatballs.  It's what's for dinner like 3 times a week when all you buy is ground meat to save money.  But that's okay.  Meatballs are good and there are a ton of ways to experiment with them.  For months when I was marathon training my go-to pre long run dinner was turkey meatballs with sweet potato fries.  I loved getting the fries all covered with the marinara sauce.  Seriously, sweet ... [ Read More ]

Real Food In Real Life


When I first started out eating paleo and did a whole30,  I was scared sh*tless hyper-aware of all the food around me that was "off plan."  Even though it sounds extreme I think it's normal to feel that way for a while when making a huge dietary change.  Literally every bite that I ate throughout the day and everything I purchased at the grocery store and prepared for myself was different from ... [ Read More ]

Chili Spiced Burgers with Roasted Sweet Plantains and Bacon


  First thing on my agenda is a big HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to my daughter Diana!  I couldn't have imagined a happier first born child.  She's the kind of kid that would give any parent the confidence to think they might have a clue about raising children.  People look at her and tell me I must be doing good things as a parent and I'm like, "no way, seriously, that's all her."  From the day she ... [ Read More ]

Everything My Kids Ate for One Day – WIAW Paleo Kids Edition


Since I felt like a post devoted to my own food would be  overkill at this point with all the instagramming I've been doing, here is one whole day of everything each of my kids ate. Because we all know how everyone loves judging what other people feed their kids right? I'm okay with this, really.  Plus my daughter keeps asking me to post her meals online.  I've created 3 little ... [ Read More ]

Motivating When It’s Hard: “I Can’t! I Can’t. But I Will Anyway.”

Early on my run, still struggling

Today has been a 2 cups of coffee morning.  At least.  Sometimes you know when you're going to struggle (like after no sleep) and other times it just sneaks up on you, a combination of different internal and external stressors just sort of take over and Bam!  You FEEL like you "just can't" bring yourself to a.) run or work out b.) deal with the kids c.) get out of bed d.) face life e.) all of the ... [ Read More ]

Race Recap: NJ Trail Series Wildcat Ridge Romp 10M


I'll start by saying that I was a little out of my league and way out of my comfort zone with this race.  But that's okay - trying new things can be fun, right?  At least that's what I always tell my kids.  Go do something that scares you and you'll come out feeling way better than if you did something you do all the time.   Do things that you might not be good at and give it your best shot.   ... [ Read More ]