WIAW – Paleo Eats and a Treat Sneak Peak


This is going to be a groundbreaking WIAW because AHHHHH!!!  I ate a piece of bread and didn't die! I even took a picture of the gluten in it... Gotcha.  I've heard gluten doesn't photograph all that well.  April fools on you!  About the bread part, that is.  The not-dying part was accurate. Okay I just had to get that terribly pathetic joke out of my system and now all is restored.  I think I ... [ Read More ]

One Year of Blogging Survived and Thriving – Happy 1st to the Paleo Running Momma!


A year ago today (a Monday), around 9:30am, I googled "how to start a blog." By dinner time the same day, The Paleo Running Momma officially existed on the internet with same theme and picture you see in front of you now. To say I had zero clue what in the hell I was doing would be the understatement of the past year.  At the time, I only read 2 blogs on a semi-regular basis (one paleo and one ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Glimpses and Fearing the No or the Yes?


Cold is a state of mind. Yeah freaking right.  So not true.  Cold is 5 miles in a 14 degree windchill after a night of NO HEAT in the second week of spring.  That was cold.  I had to break out all my winter gear that I'd happily shoved into closets last week and layer up the socks and gloves again.  At least it's getting light out at around 6:30 now, something to look forward to. Our heat wasn't ... [ Read More ]

Week in Running and Yoga + Sleep Trouble


Workout wise, this has been a great week.  I felt like I was "on" for all my runs and yoga practices, possibly because they've been an escape and relief from the anxiety I've been experiencing otherwise. This is going to sound ridiculous most likely, but, stomach bugs are nearly a phobia for me and have been for my entire life.  Probably back to my control issues again, but I can't stand to see ... [ Read More ]

Japanese Sweet Potato Butternut Hash With Beef Bacon


I totally had to back off and chill out with my recipe creation this week.  I was putting way too much pressure on myself, and, when that happens I seem to completely lose touch with what kind of dish I'd actually like to make.  I was trying to force myself to create a couple of different recipes for things I just didn't want to eat, and, my brain doesn't work that way - it rebels. So I had to ... [ Read More ]

I Can Laugh At Myself As Long as It’s Me Making the Jokes


Happy Thursday to all of you and welcome once again to my brain!  There's always something going on in there although I can't make any promises about what that will be in the beginning of the post.  Thanks so much to Amanda for hosting the Thinking Out Loud link up, me and my crazy train of thoughts are always happy to participate :)  Let's talk about laughing at ourselves.  Here, I'll start ... [ Read More ]

WIAW: Off My Game


My cooking game was off on Monday.  I think I burned 2 or 3 things I ate (and still ate them) and overcooked my meatballs by 30 seconds or so.  I honestly don't mind a little char on veggies or potatoes but I'm not a fan of overcooked meat.  Such is life. It DOES seem like I have those days (usually Mondays after a long or busy weekend) where I'm just off a little in all ways and it shows up in ... [ Read More ]

About Time Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes & Paleo Fruit and Nut Bars


Super simple and healthy gluten-free pancakes that actually PASS a family taste test?  Um, yes please, sign me up right now!   About Time has just released a new gluten free, protein filled pancake mix in two flavors, and we were lucky enough to try it out.  They must know my family because they sent us the chocolate chip, and seriously if you have kids, you know that anything chocolate chip gets ... [ Read More ]

Even More Fun the 500th Time


There was no 10k on Saturday, so sadly no 10k recap! I went to bed thinking there was still a 75% chance the race would go on, even though I got the warning email saying it might either be cancelled or changed into a "fun run."  The snow forecast was shifted a bit later than originally thought, and it really didn't stop until close to the morning. At 6:30 Saturday morning I got an email ... [ Read More ]

Running and Yoga Workouts This Week


Could I be any less excited for the 10k I'm running today?!  No, and it's because of the darned snow that's falling, and falling, and sticking outside my window right now as I'm writing this on Friday afternoon.  The idea of shoveling the driveway to drive into the city, park (it's challenging), stand in the cold and then run a 10k just sounds terrible to me right now. I think the only thing ... [ Read More ]