Running, Nutrition, and Arguing About the Bachelorette: A Typical Start to the Week


Sometimes I feel like my weeks go by one after another, identical in every way besides maybe choosing acorn squash over butternut squash or running 10.08 miles instead of 10.1 on a Saturday. Somehow a lot of things are changing under the surface, gradually, over time, but you would never know it just by looking at what goes on daily. I guess a lot of that is the comfort in having a routine, ... [ Read More ]

I’m In the Mood For Confessions…


...So I'll spill a few here. Consider this a necessary "get real" moment I need to have with myself on a regular basis to well, you know, keep it real! 1. I'm hooked on social media. I never thought it would happen, because it took me forever to get on these networks to begin with, but here I am, checking twitter and instagram and facebook and alltheblogs seemingly everyminuteoftheday. I know I ... [ Read More ]

Does Running with a Garmin Slow You Down?

I am actually pretty new to tracking my pace, time, and distance right on my wrist. For years the idea of tracking anything while running did not appeal to me at all. It seemed to take away from the big reason I ran - to get away from stress and feel free - and I didn't want to mess with that feeling. I just couldn't imagine how looking down every few minutes to see how fast I was going and how ... [ Read More ]

Yup It’s About Time…Paleo Crispy Chicken Salad!


Apparently I am a morning person but with limits - my first attempt at writing this post was 5:15 am this morning.  I thought I could sneak it in somehow before a 3 mile run.  I like to use my time efficiently and I seriously thought I could bang out a recipe and a short run all before my family woke up.  What happened was I found out that although I can run out the door at that time, I can't ... [ Read More ]

Egg-Topped Garlic Cumin Pork Plantain Burgers


I have a secret to share.  Something I've been ashamed of for years.  As much as I love food and cooking, I know NOTHING of international cuisine.  I cook things I like, experiment with spices, but often have no idea if anything I'm making is regularly consumed in combinations similar to what I'm doing by people around the world.  It's like that thing I've been meaning to learn about that I just ... [ Read More ]

Paleo Mom Problem: Let the Picky Eaters Eat…Nothing?


  For the past 6 years or so picky eating has been my nemesis.  Before becoming a parent I had every intention of feeding my kids healthy foods, on demand, not using food as a reward, and not making a big deal out of any of it.  BWHAAAAHA!  I laugh in that woman's face.  Dumbass.  In reality, I have not fulfilled any of those intentions.  I have been guilty of feeding my kids toaster ... [ Read More ]

WIAW: Just Another Day of Paleo + Easy Parsnip Recipe


Although I've done a couple of food diary posts so far, I decided this week to get myself in on the What I Ate Wednesday party and let my food do the writing for me.   I call this WIAW just another day of paleo because that's exactly what it is - nothing fancy, nothing unusual - just me and all the food I ate in one day. I'll also go through what I did in my day and a general overview of ... [ Read More ]

5 Things I Want to Change About Myself as a Runner

Yes this was the best feeling.  But signing up for races blindly won't get me back there.

Apparently lists help me organize my thoughts.  Even just writing the title of this post makes me feel comforted by what's to come - thoughts organized into categories that will help me identify things I want to work on and problems I have as a runner.  Ready to see where this might go?  So am I so let's get started. Although I don't believe (anymore) that criticizing myself just for the sake of ... [ Read More ]

Veggie Packed Paleo “Meatza” Plus Getting Yourself Back Together


If you're new to paleo lingo you might not yet know what a "meatza" is.  Or you might be able to figure it out - it's a meat-crusted pizza!  And I'm a fan, I really, really am.  More pizza burger-ish than pizza-ish in my opinion, but you get the flavors in there and it's way more satisfying and filling than typical pizza. Meatza is one of the very first paleo-esque recipes that I tried, and it ... [ Read More ]

You Can Do This: Easy Chicken Apple Sausage Patties


Sometimes I feel like I spend half my husband's paycheck on sausage. You guys know how much I love spiced-up meat right? And if you follow me on instagram you see that's no joke - almost all my breakfasts involve some sort of sausage - chicken apple, chicken chorizo, garlic pork, breakfast pork, andouille - if it has earned the name sausage, you will find it on my plate. So why it has taken me so ... [ Read More ]