My IBS Story – Part 2


The story continues, and today I'll get into how my GI problems progressed throughout my 20's, through 3 pregnancies and the beginning of my running, right up to the point that I'm at now.   If you missed it, you can read part 1 of my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) story here. After college, my diet and symptoms remained the same as they had been, with lots of whole grains, fruits, veggies, some ... [ Read More ]

My IBS Story – Part 1


This is something I've been dreading writing.  Not just because it's embarrassing to talk about poop and all the other fun stuff that years of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) involves, but because when I think about how it affected my life in the past, I realize it's been a really emotional thing for me and was impacting parts of my life that I didn't even realize at the time, or just accepted as ... [ Read More ]

Friends, Kids, Pictures, a Lake and a Big Hill


I am beyond exhausted coming home from our lake house trip this week, so I'll just go over highlights from the trip - including the biggest hill I think I've ever actually run up.  Funny how I forgot that lakes tend to go along with huge ridiculous hills.   This picture does the thing no justice at all. I moved my training plan around just a little for this week so I wouldn't feel pressured to do ... [ Read More ]

Sundried Tomato Onion Stuffed Chicken with Walnut Pesto


Do you have random things you get lazy with?  I have a lot.  One of them is using kitchen gadgets.   I love all my kitchen gadgets like, a lot, so it's nothing personal toward them, but I just get this lazy avoidant thing when it comes to having extra things to clean.  Because really, even though you'd never know it with the current state of my house, I'm cleaning up at least a little bit all the ... [ Read More ]

Guest Post! Foam Rolling and Other Self-Massage Techniques for Runners

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Since I'm away this week I thought it would be the perfect time to beg Lisa, my good friend who blogs at Running Out of Wine, to teach me (and you all too!) to foam roll.  And she said yes, so a big thanks to her for getting me started on this really important part of recovery during marathon training. Hi everyone! I’m Lisa and I blog over at Running Out Of Wine. I am excited to be here sharing ... [ Read More ]

WIAW: Long Run Day Plus Skoop Review


Well, hello.  Yup, it's me again telling you all about what I ate on some random day.  Blogging is such a strange thing sometimes.    On this particular day-in-the-life, it was a Saturday, I had a 14 mile run scheduled that I planned to do fasted (read why in my post on glycogen depletion) and the friendly people at Healthy Skoop had just sent me a large bag of their plant-based protein powder to ... [ Read More ]

Packing for Vacation: Now Versus Then

Daddy at the aiport with Lulu backpack

We're going away for 3 days this week.  Woohoo!  Just kidding, I'm not thrilled about it yet, because it's 4pm right now, haven't started packing, and I'm leaving tomorrow morning.  After having kids, "packing" takes up this whole new special place in a woman's life.   Sorry to leave the men out, but I just haven't known any dads who are in charge of packing for the whole family.   But please ... [ Read More ]

My Paleo Shopping List Plus 3 Essential Grocery Store Tips

pesto chicken salad over spinach and tomatoes

Food shopping!  Just about the best thing ever!  Especially on a Saturday or Sunday at about 2 pm when ALL the people gather 'round, armed with a shopping cart that only bears right, 2-4 kids who all want to sit in said cart, irrelevant coupons, and the intent to kill over, pretty much anything.  Yeah I was kidding.  Grocery shopping isn't really any fun at all, and most of the time we just want ... [ Read More ]

Maple Raisin Acorn Squash Pancakes


  Paleo pancakes.  I used to have a pretty negative attitude toward those words together, mainly because I didn't understand the burning need to recreate pancakes with really expensive flour and sweetener.   I'm not a huge regular pancake lover to begin with (blasphemy) which I understand is a bit odd, and, with all the delicious whole food I was eating with paleo I had zero desire to make ... [ Read More ]

Marathon Training Week 3: Pointless Update?

Acorn squash pancakes with sausage and zucchini

I'll bet that title really got you to click over.  Not.  But to be real, although I know it's good for me to create a record of how I'm feeling at this point in my training, I'm not sure I have anything even remotely interesting to say, which in a way is a good thing since it's all going according to plan.  I'm nearly done with my "official" third week of training and the reality has mirrored the ... [ Read More ]