Week in Fitness + Short Term Goals


As I said on Thursday, running hasn't been coming easy lately.  I just don't feel like getting out of bed and jumping into my running shoes the way I'm used to.   My old reaction would be to second guess this feeling and attempt to power through anyway, but I don't see the point right now. I'm signed up for a half marathon January 25 (NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half) and I want to be able to ... [ Read More ]

Butternut Apple Walnut Salad & Pylian Estates Olive Oil


I was selected by Fitfluential, LLC to review Pylian Estates Olive Oil.  I received a bottle of their Pristine Extra Virgin Olive Oil and no other compensation.  The recipe and all opinions are entirely my own. Doesn't that salad look good?  Sorry, I must revel in a good food photo when one comes along.  It was gone far too quickly (blaming myself for that) but I'll actually be making it again ... [ Read More ]

I Want to Stay in Bed – TOL

Even when it's light out, not feeling it!

All my thoughts, limited censorship.  That's what Thinking Out Loud is all about, right?  Thanks for hosting a fabulous link-up, Amanda!  I will be using it as therapy today, hope you don't mind... What's on my mind this week is something that feels weird for me to talk about.  It's that I haven't been wanting to get out of bed in the morning at my usual 5am.  I mean what is this?  I'm starting ... [ Read More ]

Do You Think I “Eat Like a Man?” WIAW


Ever notice that food gets gender stereotyped?  Like steak and ribs = "I am a MAN" and chocolate and maple almond butter = "I am a woman who may or may not have PMS?" I know I have mentioned my love for sausage (or maybe the recipes speak for themselves) and how my husband, long before paleo, commented that he's never known a woman to love sausage the way I do.   I mean isn't that a load of ... [ Read More ]

Winter Coaching Special!


Today is the start of my Winter Coaching Special! Yes! It's about time we talk a little about coaching!   Coaching people towards their goals is something really important to me and I'm thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity. Coming from a Social Work background, coaching feels like an extension of doing what I've always loved.   When I completed my RRCA coaching certification course last ... [ Read More ]

Food, Wine, Santa and Dance Recitals


  I am really not trying to be obnoxious by listing "wine" in the title as if it were an event.  Drinking one glass of wine is hardly considered an event by any cool kid I would think.  I list it only because a glass of wine happens for me about once per month and therefore seems significant enough to put in the title and include a huge picture of. This mostly speaks to how wildly un-social ... [ Read More ]

Bio Skin Review – Standard Knee Skin

Can't see it!  It's on my left knee

Hello on a Sunday for once!   Today I want to chat about 2 things - the tendonitis in my knee since the Philadelphia Marathon and provide some information about how I dealt with it along with a review of the Bio Skin Standard Knee Skin. A representative from Bio Skin  contacted me right around the time of the marathon asking if I was interested in trying one of their products and becoming an ... [ Read More ]

Week in Workouts and Truth About Yoga Photos


It's strange how you just get so USED to your regularly scheduled workouts, that when you shake things up a little it feels like you're on vacation or something.  Unless maybe I just don't remember what being on vacation feels like.  Yup, that would be it. But still weird, because everything in my life besides that hour or so in the morning is exactly the same.  Is there such a thing as a ... [ Read More ]

Plantain and Zucchini Stuffed Lamb Burgers


I like stuffing my burgers, it's a thing.   I used to do this before I ate paleo and now that there's that whole missing bun issue, I have all the more reason to experiment with what goes inside.  Yes, you can make the filling and have it as a side dish or put it on top.  It would probably taste just the same.  But, if you want to have some fun, you're gonna have to stuff it!  The extra filling ... [ Read More ]

Quirky Kids and Endurance Shopping – TOL


I never had the intention of using my blog to make my kids look ridiculous.  But my son.  He is just TOO MUCH sometimes.  And I don't like to make a big deal out of strong kid personalities in general, but this kid.  He's adorable and he has quirks.  One of those quirks is girl pants on his head, no judgement please.   And don't make him angry or tell him I wrote any of this.  "Trust me" as he ... [ Read More ]