WIAW Paleo Carbs and Treats


I eat carbs all the time but yet somehow I still sense people think "paleo" means low carb.   One thing I noticed is that while away, I was eating lower carb many days since I wasn't about to order a baked potato every time I was out to eat, plus I was enjoying cheese. But in real life at home, carbs are a common occurrance.  And I mean even the white kind, not the green kind or even orange, ... [ Read More ]

Maple Citrus Fruit Salad – Low FODMAP

fruit salad

I had one of those "you know you're a blogger when..." moments this morning when I did an actual term search on my own homepage for the word "sick" to figure out the last time I was, you guessed it, sick. Funny world we live in, isn't it? Anyway, just as I suspected, I was last sick with a cold right at the end of June last year so I am not surprised that I woke up with a sore throat and runny ... [ Read More ]

Week In Seattle Recap


Even though my body kicks and screams over 3 hour time changes, Seattle might always be my favorite place to visit. At least, it will always hold a very special place in my heart. The first reason is that I got pregnant with Diana in Seattle.   On a boat, in the middle of winter in 2007.  I thank Adam's procrastination for this, since he believed at the time that the only way he'd ever finish his ... [ Read More ]

Pan Fried Meatballs – Low FODMAP & Paleo


Still in Seattle, so this was clearly cooked ahead of time, but I figured I'd share my favorite meatball recipe today.  I've only been making it weekly for several months now, and I know you've seen them on more than one of my WIAW posts! I'm not going to lie - the big secret to making these meatballs taste good is frying them in lots of delicious high quality fat, like Ancient Organics ... [ Read More ]

Driving Your Life, Changing Your Fate


As you're reading this I'm more than halfway through my trip and just a couple of days away from home sweet blogging home.  It'll be great to get back on my comfy writing schedule, but, until then, I'm very excited to welcome yet another incredible guest blogger today!   Say hi to Susie from Suzlyfe, and get ready to feel just as inspired as I did when I first read her post.  So honored to have ... [ Read More ]

Trip Update and WIAW


We made it!  All thanks to Adam's duffle bag juggling skills we successfully did not miss our flight, and after 10 hours of traveling from start to finish, we arrived in Seattle without any major calamities.One thing I'm not so good at is adjusting my sleep schedule to a time change, but I'm actually pretty impressed that I'm waking up for the day at 4:30 am rather than 2:30.  For two days in a ... [ Read More ]

How to do Speed Workouts to Crush Your Marathon Goals

Boston Finish 2015

I'm feeling lucky today.  Why?  Because running fast gets me excited (see tagline) and I have Jamie here today to let us in on all her best secrets! Jamie, who blogs at I Don't Eat That  (gotta love that blog name, right?) is an incredible runner (she's crazy fast!) and a truly inspirational running blogger who can teach us all so much!  Today she's going to show us how she made big improvements ... [ Read More ]

4 Marathon Training Mistakes NOT to Make for Your Next Goal Race

Miles 26, 1st marathon.  Trying to smile through the pain!

I have marathon training on the brain, oh yes I do.  How can I not when I'll be training for my dream race - the NYCM this fall!   As you guys know I'm away for the week in Seattle, and I've recruited some fabulous guest posters to help me get my life together share their best running and health tips with all of us.  First up is Gretchen - she's been running since she was 8 years old and has ... [ Read More ]

Bacon Deviled Eggs

bacon deviled eggs

Deviled eggs were the first thing I ever "cooked" in my life, independently at least, when I was about 10 years old.  I remember having them at a barbeque and then asking my mom how to make them.  She gave me the gist - basic ingredients -and I gave it a whirl. *Side note - the first thing I ever actually cooked on the stove was bacon, and between those two first attempts it's pretty clear that ... [ Read More ]

When Pushing Yourself Is Good Enough


I had a whole bunch of ridiculous nonsense to write about today for Thinking Out Loud, that is, until I went to the track this morning.   (I don't have a picture, so just think of your everyday high school track) I know it's starting to sound like I'm preaching what I can't practice (and I'm going to, sort of) but I thought I'd get into the meat and potatoes of my negative self-talk, how I ... [ Read More ]