Sweet Potato Noodle Pie with Apples, Pears and Raisins


Let's see - what's September all about besides back to school chaos, good running weather and lots of germs circulating? (Sorry I'm bitter I caught my kids' cold yesterday.)  Jewish holidays, that's what.  And though I might not be the most observant Jew (don't tell my kids, although I guess they might know this by now) I still think of the Jewish New Year as a time to cook lots of yummy stuff ... [ Read More ]

Fear of the Unknown: How Do You Deal?


Fear of the unknown - the subject of this post applies to running, life and anything and everything in between.  I'm going to share some personal struggles I have and have had with my own fear of the unknown and all the avoidance, denial, attempts at control, and other maladaptive ways of coping that I've seen myself cling to when life gets scary. Fear of Pain My life is full of examples of ... [ Read More ]

15 Ways to Love Running


I didn't always love running.  No, seriously, for more than half of my life I thought I would never be able to run even a mile or a lap around a track without needing to die.  If you had asked me at age 18 anything about running I would've answered something along the lines of "I can't run and I hate running.  It makes me feel horrible and I'm just not cut out for it."  Crazy, right?  Now I ... [ Read More ]

Best of What I Ate This Week Plus an Awesome Easy Side Dish Recipe

onion dill roasted potatoes

Happy Wednesday - the day I write stories about the food I eat all day, every day - complete with real-life iPhone illustrations of the whole thing - and all of you fine and highly valued readers comment on it as you wish.  Totally normal and EXACTLY what I predicted I'd be doing with my life as I graduate with a masters degree in social work.   (Don't tell anyone, but this is way more fun than I ... [ Read More ]

Should Running Vampires Ever See the Sun?

Running vampire

It only took about a week and I'm back to my old running vampire status.  Running in the dark is how I started out 10 years ago and it really is my favorite way to run.  This might make me sounds strange, but I think being in the dark makes me feel truly alone on my run - something I really value and look forward to.  Kind of like Elsa in Frozen when she runs away and makes that big ice castle, ... [ Read More ]

My Thoughts On Paleo Treats


Love 'em?  Hate 'em?  Couldn't eat paleo without them?  Think they're everything that's wrong with modern day trendy restrictive eating plans?  While looking through my recipes in an attempt to dream some magic up for this coming week, I noticed something:  I have maybe one, tops 2 recipes that could qualify as "treats" by any stretch of anyone's imagination.   Nothing involves chocolate (those ... [ Read More ]

Zero Energy and Long Run Nerves


My limits were tested this week on all fronts except running, really.  Cross your fingers with me though on that one, the 18 miler hasn't happened yet.  It seemed like every day I had too much I wanted/needed to accomplish and time had other ideas for me.  Or I need to work on my time management skills and factor in extra blocks for things like this: Why?  And you can't see it but the TV was ... [ Read More ]

Honey Pumpkin Pie Muffins


  I'm a shameless pumpkin lover.  The minute I see pumpkins at the store I want one now.  And I want to be wearing a cozy sweater too, and a plaid flannel shirt.  At the same time.  Pumpkins are the best because they represent fall, which is by far the most superior season of all for so many awesome reasons.  Cool weather, cold weather, not-hot weather, open window weather and leaves everywhere ... [ Read More ]

Just Stop: 12 “Healthy” Practices that Aren’t Healthy At All

Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentation1

We all want to do the right thing, don't we?  What are you doing right now in the name of health that's actually hurting you? If you've ever been confused about what is or isn't "healthy" you're in good company.  It's information overload on a daily basis and each source tells you something different.  While I can't offer you a miracle diet, solution, supplement, or fitness plan, I can for sure ... [ Read More ]

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right? WIAW Paleo Portions


You're probably not eating enough of what you need.  I'm not talking about eating more leafy greens (it's true, but you've been hearing that one forever) but rather just MORE whole, real food, at each meal you sit down to (or shove down in the car.) Yes, I'm judging you without knowing you, but I've noticed that it seems to be a common thing to control our portions when we really need to be ... [ Read More ]