Liebster Award Plus $1 Paleo Book Event


Since my mind is all tangled up with nerves over the marathon I'll be running tomorrow, I figured now was a good time to answer the Liebster award questions for a very welcomed distraction!  Thanks Mike for the nomination! Before getting to the questions, I want to inform you guys about an crazy good opportunity to get some of your favorite Paleo books for - get this - $1.00 Tues, Nov 25 only! ... [ Read More ]

Chewy Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies


I used to have mixed feelings about paleo "treat" recipes, because cookies are cookies no matter what type of grain or nut flour they're made of, don't you think?  If it looks like a cookie and tastes like one too, it's probably a cookie.  I thought people would kid themselves into believing that "paleo" treats are somehow more virtuous than the good old fashioned Betty Crocker style chocolate ... [ Read More ]

Are You Trying Too Hard?

For some reason (okay I'll get to some possible reasons) I cannot get this topic out of my head this week.  It might be the Philadelphia Marathon Sunday or the obscene amount of time I've been spending in the blogosphere/on social media lately.  I'm sure that's part of it, but I find this little voice asking me if possibly, just maybe, I'm trying too hard to succeed. And then of course I turn to ... [ Read More ]

We Are Not What We Eat – WIAW

Token window-seat coffee selfie

Happy Wednesday to everyone!!  I'm a lunatic this week as we all know since I've been shouting it from the rooftops of the internet and blah blah marathon-on-Sunday blah blah.  Well this post is not about that.  And don't worry, you're going to get to see and read in great oversharing detail everything I ate lst Sunday - but first - a little note on "we are what we eat" or, rather, "we are NOT ... [ Read More ]

7 Thoughts Not to Have the Week of a Marathon

The anticipation can drive you nuts!  Dont let it!

I started writing this post and it was not feeling like me at all.  I lost my sense of humor.  I was taking myself way too seriously. Clearly I'm distracted by nerves this week and my writing will be taking a hit.  If I can formulate some sentences that most people will understand then the blog is one step ahead of my brain.  It's kind of a whirlwind up there as the BIG RACE looms large at the end ... [ Read More ]

The Last Two Weeks – Almost There!!


In one week from the time you read this all this marathon stuff will be done.  To get extremely dramatic, I'll a.)  know my ultimate fate b.) never be the same again c.) never want to run another step d.) want to run every day for the rest of my life e.) be unable to walk down stairs for a solid 3 days. After a marathon all of these things are sort of true.  Especially C & D.  Marathon ... [ Read More ]

Survey Saturday! I Mustache You Some Questions


Saturdays have become all about training updates lately and this week I'm mixing it up.  I'll recap the last of my training/taper this coming week, and then, it's go time!  Can't believe the marathon I feel like I've been training for forever is sitting right in my lap now.  But oh yes, the questions. I was tagged for this fun little survey by Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine earlier this week and ... [ Read More ]

Butternut Sausage Cranberry Thanksgiving Stuffing


Guys, I'm not the bragging type but I have done something really good here.  REALLY FREAKING GOOD HERE.  And so you must try this, even if you don't eat paleo. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I have nothing but great memories of cooking and eating classic, comforting, delicious food and laughing for hours on end with my family.  When my family gets together our humor is like my blog humor ... [ Read More ]

Things Husbands Are Good For + After the Marathon (TOL)


No, it's not my anniversary or anything, but my husband has been away for work for almost a week now and he's finally coming home tonight.  I'll be linking up with Amanda to Think Out Loud today about some of the not-totally-obvious things I've learned this week about what husbands are good for. I'll just preface it all by telling you there is currently an ugly scary bug trapped under a bowl in ... [ Read More ]

I Don’t Eat the SAME Things Every Day (But it Kinda Looks Like I Do)


I kind of cringe/look away in horror when I see all the egg yolks staring me in the face on my Instagram account.  Not because I don't love them, because clearly I'm quite the fan.  It's more like that awkward moment when you do simple math and realize you eat upwards of 20 eggs a week.  Or 15 bananas a week.  And more ground meat concoctions than you care to count.  It seems like a lot when you ... [ Read More ]