Everything I Ate Plus Kid Friendly Pulled Pork Recipe


Another days of my eats awaits you.  I know you must be excited, rah rah. This was a rest day (last Sunday) and I was definitely feeling low on energy even after decent sleep.  I tend to feel this way on days I don't run, but possibly due to the 20 miles the day before, it seemed to be exaggerated today.  Not that that has anything really to do with my food, but just thought I'd mention it. I ... [ Read More ]

3 Insecurities I’ve Conquered and 3 I’m Still Working On


Every now and then (or possibly more often) I like to think about where I'm at with my confidence.  It's been something I've struggled with my whole life in a lot of different areas, and sometimes just when I think I've put an insecurity in the past, it creeps up on me again and I realize I still have more work to do.  Still, there are a few things I feel I've conquered for good at this point in ... [ Read More ]

Own Your Training and Find Your Meaning


Saturday morning spelled out "20 miles" on my training plan and I was looking forward to it in a way only a sick runner-freak like me (and probably you) could.  I also figured that 20 miles is a long way to run and clearly there would be something about it to recap - I have an epiphany, I die, come back to life, cry, whatever.  But actually none of that happened and it was really quite uneventful ... [ Read More ]

Fevers, Rain and Marathon Training – Week 11 Updates


I definitely like to prove the circumstances wrong when they try to get in the way of my running.  I fight them pretty hard and good old stubbornness almost always prevails.  I'm not always proud of this but I think this week I got it right.  Although I'm knocking on my desk right now because, duh, I haven't done the 20 miler yet and that's a big deal.  That's the whole point.  But it's going to ... [ Read More ]

Fall Flavors Frittata: Kabocha Apple Bacon


What's that quote about letting a butterfly go?  Let it go, and if it comes back it's meant to be, right?  Anyway that happened with my husband and eggs. I had stopped making him breakfast every morning right around the beginning of the school year because it was a lot on me, and, the kids are first priority there.  Plus I've seen him make eggs and he's capable.  So apparently he's been having ... [ Read More ]

Thinking Out Loud – How You Know You’re At the Peak of Training

Leggings 4 Life

I'm having major writers block today.  Maybe I'm still in shock from my son losing my phone yesterday at the elementary school (30 minutes of panic I am not yet recovered from, but I have my phone back and intact.)  Or maybe it was the mad rush to school this morning when a bag got caught in my front door on the way out and busted the lock. Weird, and one of those things you can't make up.  Had to ... [ Read More ]

What I Ate on Sunday + Apple Balsamic Mahi Mahi Salad


This past Sunday was busy from start to finish.  In case you haven't realized it yet from the blog, I'll just put it out there: I'm a tightly wound individual.  And yes I am that self aware.  Seriously, when I have a lot of activities on my schedule it becomes bootcamp in my house.   My daughter put it really well the other day as I was FIRMLY stating to my kids that we were LATE.  She said "mommy ... [ Read More ]

The Things in Life You Can’t Run From


Of course it's obvious that you can't actually, physically run away from problems.  Problems will find you if they want to no matter how many miles you run, no matter how many marathons you finish, and no matter how fast and efficient a runner you are.  I know this.  But that hasn't stopped me from trying to run my problems away, or rather, run my feelings away. My best running year to date, but ... [ Read More ]

The Right Time To Do Things – Get the Most Done with the Least Effort

For me, this can only happen now

Our bodies are each individual.  There is no general "right time" to do any particular activity, but, there IS a right time for YOU to do things to maximize what you accomplish. For as long as I can remember, I have been a morning person.  Every Saturday and Sunday morning growing up while my family members slept until 8 or 9, I spent 2 hours doing homework, writing stories, reading books, and ... [ Read More ]

Marathon Training Updates + Would You Rather


My memory since becoming a parent has gone way downhill.  I can't even remember if it's my long term or short term memory that's been hit harder, all I know is that I used to feel like I trusted my brain a lot more than I'm able to now.  I think the fact that we just don't HAVE to remember all that much now because there are so many ways to track and record in our various tech devices, and, I ... [ Read More ]